Developing Your Kick-A** Mindset!!!

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"I am the CEO of Keller Williams Heritage.  The #1 Real Estate office in the world!!!  You HAVE to read this book.  Donna will walk you through how to get YOUR Kick-A** Mindset!!  "
"I have known the author a long time and when she told me she wrote a book on mindset, I knew I had to read it.  I am disabled and can barely leave my home, so I get to feeling down a lot. After I read this book, it made me want to run out and help others. So inspiring and so real"
"This is such a wonderful and inspiring book.  Its a must read!!"
"This Book is the Single Most Encouraging Book You Will Find!!"
What Other People Are Saying About This Book!!
This book was beautifully written and the author bravely bared her soul in order to let you realize what is possible" - Madeleine M
This book is an amazing inspirational guide to finding confidence. Donna opens up about her struggles in life and how she found her kick-a** mentality. I loved it!! Jean S.

It was the single most encouraging thing I have read my entire adult life!!  Amy O
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • How the author overcame a tough childhood.
  • How the author overcame bullying.
  • How the author found that attitude was the key...
  • How the author discovered 3 of the most powerful questions every person must ask themselves.
  •  You can overcome anything you put your mind to.  
  •  You can and will be able to be the amazing person you want to be!!
  •  You can develop a Kick-A** Mindset by reading this book
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